How to Start Java Programming in Hindi

How to Start Java Programming in Hindi

How to Start Java Programming in Hindi

2018 Internet ka yug hai, aur Java Internet ki language hai, Market main kafi Scripting Language bhi chalan main hain, Lekin Secure Application Developement ke lie Java hi pehli Pasand hai. Java aapko secure Environment ke saath Code Portability ki Choice bhi Deti hai. Java Compiled files kisi bhi JVM par bina kisi Problem ke execute hoti hain.

—————————— Java Programming in Hindi


Where, How to Start Java Programming in Hindi Started

How to Start Java Programming in Hindi is like asking How do I Eat Biryani with Chopstick. I mean You can but why would you.

A Student Explained, Most of them are from a very Humble Background, and English is not exactly their Strong Point. It would really help if I can explain them in Hindi. So i Agreed to give them Insights in Hinglish – The Middle Ground. and Sessions were really Fruitful.

Current Scenerio

In 2018 Java is the Prominent Language of Internet, These days a lot of buzz is in the market that Days of Java are over but in fact it is far away from truth. Java is doing well and going strong, even today if you thinking about deploying a secure web Application. Java is your first Choice. Your Scripting framework is giving you headaches Java is your First Choice.

There is buzzword in market, that Java is not cool anymore. It is acquired by Corporations, Well yeah So what there are open source versions of Java available to use, and let me tell you these are really compatible.

First Questions a beginner ask is How to start with Java Programming in Hindi?

Answer is really very simple, Download a Java Compiler, Write some Code in Java, Compile it run it Enjoy the Code. Enjoy your Coffee meanwhile.

Objection 1: I don’t like coffee Im an Indian, I like Tea, Chai to more precise

My Answer:  Fair Enough, Enjoy your Tea.

Objection 2: Why all this jibber-jabber in English, Teach me Java in Hindi,

My Answer: Are your serious, even if teach you in Hindi you Still have to write the code in English. This is how it works.

Response: Questions and Hatred  toward me from all the Students.

and then I relilize that most of these students have worked really hard to be there where they are

Here we are trying to make you familiar about Java by Creating some Tutorials and hopefully organize these tutorials to form a Cook Book + A Cook Book in Hinglish.

Other Tutorial Links

1. How to Run Java Programs

2. Java Basics in Hindi


Wish us Good Luck.

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